Here are some of my favourite iPhone apps; in no particular order (well, in the order they are in on my phone).

  1. Facebook - Access to the popular social networking site. Most of the important functionality is there now and it should only get better with time.
  2. Echofon - The easiest to use of the twitter clients. Only a couple of issues: it occasionally can’t connect to twitter and it only supports one account. Most of the other free clients support multiple accounts but are nowhere near as nice to use.
  3. Yahoo! Messenger - Has push messaging, which means you don’t have to be in the application to receive messages. It even works in standby mode. Obviously only useful if you only want to use Yahoo! Meebo and IM+ are superior if you want to connect to multiple things at the same time. Skype is also good.
  4. Dropbox - An excellent way to store files on the iPhone that you want to be able to access from anywhere.
  5. IMDb - A dedicated client for the IMDb. Much better suited to the iPhone than the website.
  6. GoodReader - A very good PDF reader. Much better than the build-in PDF support.
  7. TVGuide - UK Television listing. ‘Nuff said.
  8. FStream - Internet radio player. Supports all of the BBC Radio streams. The streams can be found at
  9. Stanza - An excellent eBook reader with access to many free books. One can also buy books from various stores within the app or upload them via wireless from the Mac.
  10. Glaurung Chess - Probably the best free Chess app.

In addition, here are a couple of good mobile websites.

  1. TVCatchup - A live broadcast of many of the Freeview channels.</li>
  2. BBC iPlayer - Access to the BBC television shows.</li>