Posted by Mark Withall: 2012-11-30

It is now the end of another year of NaNoWriMo. I’ve picked up my fourth consecutive win. I actually reached 50,000 words last Sunday (day 25) and finished the novel itself on Tuesday (day 27). The final word count was 53,297.

Below is a graph of how my word count increased each day against the target word count. Note the exceedingly straight line. This is how my NaNos typically go; doing approximately the required words per day (but not less, if I can avoid it) and finishing on the last Sunday of the month (which is when we have our weekly meetings).

I’ve put the novel away now and will, hopefully, come back to it at some future time to write a second draft. My aim for the next year is to try and edit one of my previous NaNo novels and self-publish it on the iBookstore and Kindle store. The publishing itself is fairly easy, it’s the getting the novel into a fit state that I can bare someone else reading it that is going to be the challenging part.

On Sunday is the TGIO party, where we all celebrate not having to write again for another year. The people in the Leicester group have all been amazing; both the old guard and the new recruits. It just wouldn’t be the same doing this in solitary confinement year after year. Thank you to you all.